About Us

About Us

SE Film Production was founded in 2012 by two producers hailing from Israel and Ukraine. Over the course of a decade, SE Film Production has provided services for a number of successful TV series and released at least a dozen award-winning, feature-length movies which have been picked up by distributors including Netflix and Amazon. The company is the first service provider for the TV series of the biggest TV channels in Israel Keshet, Keshet International and HOT.

SE Film Production brings together skilled filmmakers with years of experience working on international projects. Our dedicated team develops films all the way from initial concept to distribution. In the past few years, the filmmaking industry has taken off in Ukraine and it is now a prime destination for crews seeking to take advantage of the astounding variety of locations and favourable economic conditions. The industry is going from strength to strength and attracting a wealth of new talent every year. And we are always open to co-produce powerful films with international partners.

Our Team

Shalom Eisenbach


Filmmaker and producer Shalom Eisenbach was born into a well-known ultra-Orthodox family in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood, but for the past 15 years has lived and worked in the most secular film-making world of Tel Aviv and many countries of the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. He founded SE Film Production in 2012 and since successfully produced award-winning feature films and TV series.

Oleg German


Oleg German came into the filmmaking industry in 2011. His Oji Music Company was responsible for the casting of actors in a number of Ukrainian television series. Later he founded Euroforum 2012 company, which focused on the production of popular Ukrainian-Russian TV series. He is well-known in Ukraine for developing and producing psychological thriller Cold Blood, directed by Frédéric Petitjean and starring Jean Reno.

Iryna Hrinko

Line Producer

Inga Skrypnyk

Head of Creative Team

Karina Antonets

Chief Accountant

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